Reseller Details

EasyCalendarMaker is offering a reseller program whereby you can make additional sales at a highly discounted price. It is pretty straightforward.
  • The initial reseller package includes 25 licenses that you may sell
  • You get access to an automatic key generator to generate license keys for customers
  • You may resell a software license at $25 US or higher
  • You may bundle the software as part of a package you are offering, providing that package is $25 US or higher
Additional license packages are available upon request.

$299.95 - Basic Reseller Package (25 license, approximately $12/license)
$150 - Additional 10-License Pack ($15/license)
$250 - Additional 25-License Pack ($10/license)

Miscellaneous Notes
The above prices are subject to change. If a change to the minimum selling price is made and you have outstanding unused licenses, you will be notified by e-mail. If it comes to our attention that the software licenses are being sold below the minimum price ($25), and a change to that practice within 24 hours is not made, then any additional unused licenses will become immediately forfeited.
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