Hi, I ordered a CD, but haven't received it yet?

The CD is handled separately by a company called Digital River (which owns Regsoft.com, our payment processor). If you haven't yet received a CD (which usually takes between 5-10 business days, but sometimes can take up to two weeks), then please send an e-mail to "sales@regsoft.com" with your Order-ID, requesting them to send you out a CD.

I received a CD, but it doesn't work. What do I do?

CD's are handled separately by Digital River (which owns Regsoft.com, our payment processor). If it doesn't work, please try downloading a copy of the software, which would have been sent to you in your order e-mail. (It is roughly only about 2-3 MB, which means it should take less than a minute to download on most computers). Afterwards, please follow the 'registration code' details below (which includes how to get an order resent).

If the downloaded version now works, but the CD version does not work, then it means that DigitalRiver/Regsoft sent you the wrong CD, in which case sent an e-mail to sales@regsoft.com requesting that the correct CD be sent. Otherwise, if it does work, it means that it was a registration issue, and simply make sure you follow the same instructions below should you need to re-install it in the future.

My registration code doesn't work/I can't find it! What do I do?

Step 1: First, make sure you entered it correctly. It would have been sent in the e-mail containing the download link to the software. The "username" consists of your name, phone number and e-mail address all on one line, not just your 'name'. (I.e., 'john smith, 123-456-7890, john@smith.com' would be your actual license key, without the quotes, not just 'john smith'). And of course the license key is the series of numbers and letters. The easiest way to insert your license key is simply to cut and paste it into the software.

Please Note: This license is *not* the same as the 'evaluation' license key. The 'full version' license key is what was sent to you in your order e-mail that would have had a subject header something like "Order ID: ...". You want to use the license in this e-mail.

Step 2: If you have misplaced your license key and can't find it, send an e-mail to Regsoft.com (DigitalRiver) requesting your order be re-sent. Their e-mail address is sales@regsoft.com. You may need either your original ordering e-mail, and/or your 'order ID'. Also, if you had 'download insurance', it makes it very easy -- they will simply send it off again right away.

Step 3: If it still does not work (i.e., they resend you a license and it doesn't work), or for whatever reason your existing license doesn't work, then you can reorder a a new key for your existing license for $10 U.S. Please note that you need to have an existing order, and will need to enter your order ID exactly as shown on your sales receipt, otherwise it will not work. If you do not have this order ID, Regsoft/DigitalRiver can send it to you (simply send them an e-mail with your e-mail address, and/or any other related information you can think of). Once you have it, click here to proceed with re-ordering a new key for your existing license.

Step 4: If it still does not work after having contacted Regsoft, and the new key sent to you does not work (i.e., after you have ordered a new key), then send us an e-mail with your complete registration details. Alternatively, if you just ordered the software (i.e., within 1-2 days) and you have followed all instructions above, and it does not work, you may also send us the following details. I.e., it should be something like this:
Username: "John Smith, 123-456-7890, john@smith.com"
License: 1234-5678-90AB-CDEF-1234-5678

If you do not send that information, we will not be able to generate you a new new license key and we will not respond to any e-mails from you concerning that matter. The only way you will be able to get a new key is to order a completely new license. 

I want to transfer my license to someone else/another company, is it possible?

The software is singly licensed per individual/company, (and especially because the software is so reasonably priced), you would need to purchase a new license for any new individuals/companies/etc (so no, it is not transferable). If more than one person per computer wishes to use the software, or a different company wishes to use it, you would need to purchase a new license.

The software still seems to be the evaluation version? Why?

Please make sure you have downloaded the "newest" version that is present in the e-mail you received, otherwise it will not work. You need to download the software link sent to you in the registration e-mail you received.

I use a multilingual system. How do I get the dates to appear correctly?

If you you purchased the 'professional' version of the software, dates are adjusted automatically for different operating systems (i.e., say a computer in France versus a computer in Canada or the US). If however, you have purchased the 'standard' version of the software, you will need to temporarily change your operating system to use "US English".

Assuming you are using Microsoft Windows XP, to do this, go into the 'Start Menu',->'Control Panel'->'Regional and Language Settings'. Then, change it to 'English (US)'. Once you have finished using the software, simply switch it back to whatever language you were using before. (Alternatively, you could get the professional version of the software which does this automatically for you! :))

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